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Neptune’s Kingdom Slot



Free Neptune’s Kingdom free slot, is a three reel, five pay line non-progressive online game by Playtech. It doesn’t run much like an online machine, having more of a one armed bandit theme to it; but make no mistake; it certainly is a slot game.

Neptune Slot

With only a tiny $750 jackpot to its name, players will probably be quiet surprised to learn that although you can play the free Neptune Slot for as little as 0.01 per spin, it can cost up to 25.00 a pop if you want to go for the “big” payout.

Kingdom Slot

The free Kingdom slot game has coin betting ranges that alter from 0.05 up to 5.00 per coin depending on how well bankrolled you are. A total of one coin per line can wagered at once.

Kingdom Slot Machine

Because of the nature and design of this online game, there is no wild card or scatter symbol available to draw on when playing. Similarly, there is also no free spins round or bonus multipliers, and the designers decided that the Kingdom Slot Machine wouldn’t need a bonus game either.
This is the ideal machine for players seeking a simple game to occupy their time, or for players wishing to revisit their glory days gone by of pub machines, one armed bandits and fruit machines. Neptune’s Kingdom may not really be of any use to any battle hardened and experienced online players though.


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