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Rock n Roller Free Slot



If you are a music fan, don’t pass up Playtech’s free Rock n Roller slot.  Shaped like a jukebox, this music slot provides a taste of rock and roll while offering up huge jackpots at the same time.

Music Slots

In order to complete the theme, the icons of the music slots are guitars, drums, harmonicas, platinum records and gold disks.  In addition, there is some awesome music to get players in the rock and roll mentality.  There are both guitar riffs and drum solos which play each time the reels start and stop and each win comes with its own musical accompaniment as well.

Rock and Roll Slots

Since all players want to win big, the rock slots comes with three reels and five pay lines.  The maximum jackpot on the machine is worth seven hundred coins or three thousand and five hundred dollars.  The maximum bet on the Rock and Roll Slots is five coins and there is a bet range from five cents to a whopping twenty five dollars.  This bet range makes the rock and roller machine perfect for players to have either a small or large bankroll.

While there are no progressive jackpots, wild symbols, multipliers or scatters, on the rock slot machine, this game still offers plenty of ways to win in a fun atmosphere.  Players can even win prizes when the machine produces three blank spaces on the pay line.  This makes the free Rock n Roller game even more fun to play.


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