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Bowled Over Free Slot

Bowled Over has a different dynamic to some of the more familiar bowling slots out there, designed and developed by Rival Gaming software.. There is a jackpot of 30,000 coins available in this game, which equates to roughly seven thousand five hundred dollars in real money. None of that will matter of course, if you are playing the free Bowled Over game, which is available thru Internetbingosites.

This title has five reels and twenty pay lines and is a non-progressive jackpot game. It is however equipped with all the trimmings, including wild cards scatter symbols, multiplier symbols and free spins symbols. Bowled Over, is such an all-round complete game that it also has a bonus game attached to it too.

Bowling Slot Machine

The betting ranges in this Bowling slot machine vary from 0.01 up to a mere fifty credits per spin, making it one of the cheaper online games out there. The coin betting ranges can be altered from 0.01 up to 0.25 per spin, with no more than ten coins per line being allowed to be wagered. Again, this doesn’t really matter if you are playing for free.

Bowling Slots

Naturally this Bowling slots is themed after a bowling alley, and although you might think it an usual theme to base a game around, this is what gives it its originality, and every gamer loves originality.

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Candy Cottage Free Slot

This free Candy Cottage slot game is designed by Rival Gaming and features five reels and twenty pay lines. There is something very Hansel & Gretel about this game in theme, even if it refrains from mentioning it directly itself. The icons on the reels are the big giveaway.

Candy Slots

If you don’t wish to play the free Candy slots, then you can place wagers from as little as 0.02 up to 0.25 per spin. This makes the title quite possibly one of the cheapest – if not the cheapest – online slot on the market to play.

Candy Slot

This Candy slot game features expanding wild cards and free spins can be unlocked if a player accumulates three or more of the fabled Gingerbread houses, yet another reference to Hansel & Gretel. Ten free spins are awarded along with a multiplier of three times the wager.

Three cages activate the bonus round where you must catch as much candy as you can. The more candy you grab in the bonus round, the more winnings you will ultimately pick up once the bonus game is over.

Unfortunately as good of an idea as it is, the game lacks any real depth, meaning one will probably get the most satisfaction out of Candy Cottage slot if they are playing a free Candy Cottage demo.

This game is ideal for beginners, but few others types of players.


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Hole In Won Golf Free Slot

Golf Slot

The free Hole in Won Golf slot is a five reeled, fifteen pay line slot designed and developed by Rival Gaming. This particular online slot has a payout percentage of 99.51%, which is an incredible return for a game offering a non-progressive jackpot valued at 37,500 coins, or $93,750 dollars.
This golf themed i-slot offers betting ranges from as low as 0.01 or up the more expensive 37.50 per spin. Coin betting ranges vary from 0.01 to 0.05 per play and a total of five coins per line may be played.

Hole In Won Free Golf Slots

Both the standard real money game and the Hole in Won free golf slots version are equipped with wild cards, scatter symbols and a bonus game, although there are no multiplier or free spin symbols incorporated into the play.

Golf Slots

The wild symbol is an eagle which can substitute itself for any other symbol, except for the scatter icon which is portrayed in this free Golf slots by the bonus birdie icon. These are of course, golf terms and not actual animals!

Golf Slot Machine

With a bonus game that required ultimate skill in order to win, and has very little to do with luck, players would be well advised to play the free golf slot machine version of this game before attempting to gamble away with their real money. It is free after all so it can’t hurt one little bit can it?

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Love And Money Free Slot

Free Love and Money slot is a Rival Gaming software online slot that features five reels, fifteen pay lines and has a non-progressive jackpot of five thousand coins. When converted to real money, it means that twelve and half thousand dollars are up for grabs.

Money Slots

This free big Money slots that features wild cards, scatter symbols, free spins symbols and multiplier symbols. It also has a bonus game incorporated into it and has a general payout percentage of roughly just over ninety three percent, which is great for this kind of slot.

Free Money Slots

This fantasy forest themed online slot has a betting range of a tiny 0.01 per spin, up the more majestic 37.50 per spin. Considering the jackpot that is on offer here, that is a positively minimal cost to play for the jackpot. Coin values are from between 0.01 and 0.05 per play and a total of five coins per line can played. None of this matters however, if you are playing the free money slots version.

Free Money Slots Online

The free money slots online version is available in plenty of places, although if you play it, you miss out on the opportunity to pick up on the extraordinary number of free spin and multiplying stake bonuses that Love and Money slots contains. Because it is so cheap to play, and has so much to offer, this is a game that should be played for real, to enjoy it properly.


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Moonlight Mystery Free Slot

Moonlight Mystery free slot is an online game by Rival Gaming Software. This murder mystery themed game features five reels and has a total of fifteen pay lines. The non-progressive jackpot in this online game is fixed at two thousand coins.
The Moonlight Mystery slot game features wild cards, free spins cards, and scatter symbol offering plenty of opportunities for players to bag goodies along the way. The poison symbol acts as the games wild card which can substitute itself for any symbol, bar the scatter and free spins symbols. The scatter symbols are the body silhouette icons and when three or more appear, a bonus round is triggered. The bonus round is a detective mini mystery game, for every suspect and murder weapon you correctly predict you will be awarded cash prizes.

Mystery Slot Machine

This online slot also uses free spins icons which in this game are represented by the lantern icons. Three or more activates a free spins bonus round of at least ten free spins in the Moonlight Mystery slot machine.

Mystery Slots

Betting ranges in this free Mystery slots vary, but can be as low as 0.01 per spin, up to more expensive 75.00 per spin. For the jackpot on offer, this makes this online mystery slot machine a fair game. Very similar to the more popular Cluedo slot which takes its theme after the board game of the same name, this however offers a refreshing alternative to the genre.

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Psychedelic Sixties Free Slot

The Psychedelic Sixties free slot game is one of those Rival Gaming slot machine that comes fully equipped with plenty of features, but has a relatively small jackpot, making it unattractive to big time online casino players.
This five reeled; twenty pay line slot offers a non-progressive jackpot of twenty thousand coins, which comes in at only one thousand dollars. This petite jackpot isn’t too upsetting however when you learn that the betting ranges vary from a mere 0.01 per play, to a maximum 10.00 per spin. This is of course, unless you are playing the Psychedelic Sixties free slots game.
By all accounts, the Psychedelic Sixties free slot game works in pretty much the same way as the real money version. There are wild cards and scatter symbols as well as multiplier symbols and free spins symbols. There is also a bonus round in this swinging sixties slot.
The bonus round in this colorful sixties slot game starts when a player bags three or more camper vans on a pay line. As a hippy, you travel to various locations throughout the world going to several rock concerts. Each concert you attend awards you a coin which has a bonus monetary value on it. If you make it to the final concert, you will win the largest amount of bonus money the game has to offer, minus the jackpot of course.



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Reel Crime 1 Free Slot-Bank Heist

The first in a series of crime themed online slots by Rival software, Reel Crime 1 Bank Heist slot is a five reeled, fifteen pay line game that features a non-progressive jackpot. This is designed to carry on a sort of story whilst playing, providing another source of entertainment aside from the actual winning.

Heist Slot Machine

This Heist slot machine game has coin values from as low as 0.01 up towards 1.00, with a total of five coins per line being able to be wagered. As far as online slots go, this is a relatively cheap one, even if the theme is rather repetitive.
The bonus round in the Reel Crime 1 Bank Heist slot can be activated by picking up three or more Tommy Gun icons. Following a cut scene (advancing the story) the bonus round commences.
The player is required to shoot the various objects that appear on the screen, and grab the key to the bank. Shoot an alarm and the bonus game ends and you return to the reels, albeit with your bonus money.

Heist Slots

Multipliers and free spins are also plentiful in Reel Crime 1 – Bank Heist slots, so there are a broad range of opportunities to pick up a stealthy pay day in the first of Rival Gaming’s Reel Crime series of slots.


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Reel Of Fortune Free Slot

There are so many games with a name that sounds awfully similar to free Reel of Fortune slot that it can often be confusing to differentiate between them. This particular one is a Rival Gaming Software title and has five reels and twenty pay lines. This one although loosely based on the old television show, it has icons depicting prizes you may once have won on the show, although that is where the parallel ends.

Fortune Slot Machine

This Fortune slot machine has coin value ranges from 0.01 up to the still cheap price of 0.25 per coin, with a total of ten coins being permitted on any one of the twenty pay lines.

Fortune Slots

Three or more of the red curtain symbols in free Reel of Fortune slots will trigger a bonus round, where a player must select from a number of curtains to bag big cash prizes from behind them.

There is also another bonus round in this online slot game. In this simple maze bonus round, the player tosses a coin into a maze and wherever the coin lands will determine what exactly it is a player has won. Three icons with Plunko written on them will activate this second bonus round.

A player can get to grips with this game by playing the free Reel of Fortune slot demo that is available on Internetbingosites.

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