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As The Reels Turn 1 Slot

Rival Gaming Software’s As The Reels Turn 1 free slot is a wacky, eccentric, five reeled, fifteen pay line slot. This is a very simple game, but ultimately very enjoyable to play and it has one of the most memorable introductions of any slot game.

Betting in this game can cost as little as 0.01 per spin, which is perfect if you are an amateur online slots player, as it provides you with plenty of opportunities to grasp the game before you play for real money. Alternatively you could also play the As The Reels Turn 1 free slot game which is often available at online casinos housing the game.

Should you be playing the free As The Reels Turn 1 slot machine version of the game however, picking up the bonus icons won’t matter too much to you. Three or more scatter symbols (person) activate a bonus round where a player must choose from a number of side-acts for the central character to have perform on stage with him. Each pick is worth bonus cash prizes.

Three or more Piranha scatter symbols allows the player to bag free spins, whilst there is also another type of scatter card that allows a player to move onto the next stage of the game, with special cash prizes up for grabs.


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Bowling Slots- Bowled Over

Bowled Over has a different dynamic to some of the more familiar bowling slots out there, designed and developed by Rival Gaming software.. There is a jackpot of 30,000 coins available in this game, which equates to roughly seven thousand five hundred dollars in real money. None of that will matter of course, if you are playing the free Bowled Over game, which is available thru Internetbingosites.

This title has five reels and twenty pay lines and is a non-progressive jackpot game. It is however equipped with all the trimmings, including wild cards scatter symbols, multiplier symbols and free spins symbols. Bowled Over, is such an all-round complete game that it also has a bonus game attached to it too.

Bowling Slot Machine

The betting ranges in this Bowling slot machine vary from 0.01 up to a mere fifty credits per spin, making it one of the cheaper online games out there. The coin betting ranges can be altered from 0.01 up to 0.25 per spin, with no more than ten coins per line being allowed to be wagered. Again, this doesn’t really matter if you are playing for free.

Bowling Slots

Naturally this Bowling slots is themed after a bowling alley, and although you might think it an usual theme to base a game around, this is what gives it its originality, and every gamer loves originality.

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Candy Cottage

This free Candy Cottage slot game is designed by Rival Gaming and features five reels and twenty pay lines. There is something very Hansel & Gretel about this game in theme, even if it refrains from mentioning it directly itself. The icons on the reels are the big giveaway.

Candy Slots

If you don’t wish to play the free Candy slots, then you can place wagers from as little as 0.02 up to 0.25 per spin. This makes the title quite possibly one of the cheapest – if not the cheapest – online slot on the market to play.

Candy Slot

This Candy slot game features expanding wild cards and free spins can be unlocked if a player accumulates three or more of the fabled Gingerbread houses, yet another reference to Hansel & Gretel. Ten free spins are awarded along with a multiplier of three times the wager.

Three cages activate the bonus round where you must catch as much candy as you can. The more candy you grab in the bonus round, the more winnings you will ultimately pick up once the bonus game is over.

Unfortunately as good of an idea as it is, the game lacks any real depth, meaning one will probably get the most satisfaction out of Candy Cottage slot if they are playing a free Candy Cottage demo.

This game is ideal for beginners, but few others types of players.


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Cleopatra’s Coins

Cleopatra Free Slot Play

Rival Gaming’s Cleopatra free slot play is one of the best of this theme to appear, primarily because it is simple but beautifully designed.The endless list of Cleopatra themed slot games is laughable, but for once somebody has come up with a decent one.

Free Cleopatra Slot Game

This is a five reeled, fifteen pay line slot game and has plenty of bonus features included in it to keep even the most staunch anti-Cleopatra themed slot fan happy. Event the free Cleopatra slot game has all of the features of the original, with the added bonus being that after playing it, you will want to wager real money on this slot.

Coin Slot Machines

It is designed with simplistic hieroglyphs (real ones) and there has been no effort to make this game to fancy, which for once is very appealing. The Cleopatra’s coin slot machines is simply but elegant online slot that is ultimately a lot of fun.

Wagers cost as little as 0.01 to 1.00 with a potential five coins per line being accepted, so the lowest all pay line wager is 0.15. By contrast a player can wager no more than 75.00 coins per spin, which is the maximum bet.

Up to 100 free spins can be awarded to the player in this game, which makes it enthralling for the lost cost of playing the game. Even choosing the Cleopatra free slot play game is fun!

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5 Reel Circus

Free 5 Reel Circus Slot is one of Rival Gaming’s most popular online slots. This five reeled, nine pay line slot has a very original circus theme, so it does make you wonder why it would be considered one of their most popular. Perhaps it has something to do with the low amount that this slots costs to play, even on the maximum bet.

5 Reel Slots For Free

The maximum wager that can be placed in Five Reel Circus slots is a lowly 37.50 per spin, although the lowest a player may wager is a truly low 0.01 per spin. The coin balances in this slot vary from 0.01 to 0.50 per spin also. Whilst this is truly great news to gamers with a low budget, perhaps more entertaining is the fact that you can play 5 reel slots for free at many places that host the game.

Free 5 Reel Slots

Free 5 Reel slots allows you to get accustomed to the game without the need for playing with real money, although that option is open to you even in the demo game. Things to learn are that the tiger is the wild card, and that if you bag three clown symbols you will activate a free spins bonus game, along with multipliers for your winnings.

Free Reel Slots

Ultimately, this is pretty standard slot, so it is probably best for pro players to play the free Reel slots version of this title, if they want to at all.

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Fixer Upper Free Slot

Free Fixer Upper slot is a game designed to be comical and entertaining at the same time. Now here is a five reel, twenty pay line online slot from Rival Gaming that stands out. The non-progressive jackpot at stake with this slot is either all eights or all fours depending on how you wish to cash it. By this we mean that it is worth 88,880 coins or a total of $4,444 in real money.
The betting range in this hammer and nails slot can be as low as a tiny 0.01 per spin, but undoubtedly the most unusual aspect of this slot is the maximum wager. This comes in at a puny 10.00 per spin, which is by far one of the cheapest maximum spins any player will ever find on any slot at the minute.
A coin range of 0.01 up to 0.05, with a total of 10 being permitted per line almost seems irrelevant after learning of how little it costs to play with the maximum bet. Far more important is the fact that not only can you play this game for peanuts and win a fortune, you can also bag big bucks with the bonus features, unless you’re playing the free Fixer Upper slot.
Fixer Upper free slot contains wild cards, multipliers, free spins, scatter symbols and a bonus game, all of which you can become familiar with through this free Fixer Upper game, available now.


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Heavy Weight Gold Free Slot

This had to be a boxing slot didn’t it? Heavy weight Gold free slot is a five reeled, twenty pay line slot game is designed by Rival Gaming, which offers its cartoony styled design to the much popular theme. This slot features fellas with missing teeth, dumbbells, first aid kits, belts, buckets and towels, bells and more as the imagery of the icons.
Betting in this title costs as little as 0.01, although this can range upwards to 0.25 per line. With a coin betting range varying from one to ten, the total maximum bet that can placed in this slot, with all the lines activated is 50.00 per spin, which won’t bother you at all if you are playing the Heavyweight Gold free slots version.
Playing the aforementioned free Heavy Weight Gold slots game also entitles you to learn about how the wild cards (boxer symbol) work and how to bag free spins in this slot game. There are expanding wilds involved in this title, along with ten, twenty or one hundred free spins available for bagging three, four or five ring icons.
Pick three or more KO (Knock Out) symbols and the bonus round will begin. By attacking and defending in a match, you can pick up a host of instant win prizes and become the world champion. It is kind of cheesy, but good entertainment if you fancy something different with your slots.


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Hole In Won Free Golf Slot

Golf Slot

The free Hole in Won Golf slot is a five reeled, fifteen pay line slot designed and developed by Rival Gaming. This particular online slot has a payout percentage of 99.51%, which is an incredible return for a game offering a non-progressive jackpot valued at 37,500 coins, or $93,750 dollars.
This golf themed i-slot offers betting ranges from as low as 0.01 or up the more expensive 37.50 per spin. Coin betting ranges vary from 0.01 to 0.05 per play and a total of five coins per line may be played.

Hole In Won Free Golf Slots

Both the standard real money game and the Hole in Won free golf slots version are equipped with wild cards, scatter symbols and a bonus game, although there are no multiplier or free spin symbols incorporated into the play.

Golf Slots

The wild symbol is an eagle which can substitute itself for any other symbol, except for the scatter icon which is portrayed in this free Golf slots by the bonus birdie icon. These are of course, golf terms and not actual animals!

Golf Slot Machine

With a bonus game that required ultimate skill in order to win, and has very little to do with luck, players would be well advised to play the free golf slot machine version of this game before attempting to gamble away with their real money. It is free after all so it can’t hurt one little bit can it?

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