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Spam Policy

Our Guarantee To You

Being a responsible website owner, is a company who strongly believes in a zero-tolerance policy regarding spam. is well aware of our responsibility to protect all of our users.

The Anti-spam Policy is strictly enforced by IBS and we are serious about users’ privacy and are against the sending of spam.

Any form of electronic communication is referred to as spam. Even so, when most people are asked what they consider to be spam, the most popular response is e-mails.

If the recipient hasn’t requested the details contained within the email, whether it be an offer, some form of information or a request of any kind then it is considered spam.

Not Spam:
Any communication that the recipient has requested either from a company or person.

Even so, if such emails become intrusive you are able to remove your details from their mailing lists.
However, should the sender persist you are then advised to unsubscribe. If you continue to get emails then this is considered spam.

Anti-spam Policy:
The policy of is to never send an email to anyone who hasn’t requested to receive them.
By giving your details you have either registered to receive the company newsletter or you have used the contact page available on this site.

Simply commenting on any of the articles that may be posted on this website will not result in your details being recorded or used in any way by us.

You are able to cancel receipt of these emails at any time.

Unfortunately is unable to guarantee the policies of any third party who may be advertising on the site but to be able to do so they do have to have a strong anti-spam policy in place.

Policy Changes:
The policy is subject to change at any time. Any such amendments will be posted to the website.

You can contact directly should you have any queries regarding this policy.

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