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Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde Mobile

The Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde online slot is a 3D slot from the team at Betsoft. Based on the characters from popular novels, the background is from Dr. Jekyll’s laboratory and features symbols featuring both characters, police and other images relevant to the books.

Betsoft was founded more than a decade ago in 2006 and have consistently turned out some of the most popular slots on the market. They have won countless industry awards during that time.

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde Slot

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Slot Look and Feel

The Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde online slot consist of 5 reels with 30 win lines, all paying left to right.
The game features dark colors which give something of a spooky feel to the slot and the music and sound effects add to the dramatic feel of this slot.


The Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde slot have a minimum coin value of €0.01. This means a total bet of €0.30 if you use maximum win lines, up to a coin value of €1.00. The total bet would, therefore, be €30.00.

There are 6 regular symbols that pay out when 3 or more appear on the first 3 reels of any payline, along with Dr. Jekyll, Mr. Hyde and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde symbols which pay features depending on their location and combinations.
The Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde symbol substitutes for all Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde individual symbols.

You can change a host of options within this online slot including turning music and sound effects on or off, choosing the quality of the graphics and adjusting the speed of the spins.

Bonus Features

There are Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde symbols on reels 1, 3 and 5. These are only wild for the Jekyll and Hyde symbols and acts as a trigger to the bonus rounds. There are several bonus games you can activate in this slot.

If the red potion appears on reels 2 and 4 with a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde symbol adjacent to the potion icons on reel 3, all these symbols become wild Hydes. All elements on the screen will change, and all symbols will swirl around the screen moving to new locations. The new layout will lead to more wins and including a special win for Wild Hyde.
If you get a blue potion on reels and 2 and 4 with a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde symbol adjacent to each on reel 3, you will win a bonus of up to 20 times your total bet. A random multiplier of between 5 times and 20 times gives you the win.

There is also a fill meter which fills during standard gameplay each time a red potion or blue potion appears. 100 red potions fill the red meter, 12 blue potions fill the blue meter. Each time a meter is full, the Free Spins mode is activated. During Free Spins mode, the chance of getting a special action between Jekyll and Hyde is increased.

If you get a Mr. Hyde symbol on reels 2 and 4 which are both touching a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde symbol, the Frenzy bonus starts. Choose left or right to decide which way Mr. Hyde goes through the streets of London, the more police he avoids the more you win, up to a maximum of 66 times your bet. If you meet a policeman, your win is halved.

Get a Dr. Jekyll symbol on reels 2 and 4 along with a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde symbol on reel 3, and you activate the Potions bonus. Here, you need to select elements of a potion to create the perfect Anti-Monster serum. The faster you do this, the more you can win, up to a maximum of 160x your bet.

The Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde online slot are not only for people who enjoyed the books. It has several different features and there always seems to be something going on every few spins. The potion meter gives an incentive to continue playing to get the Free Spins feature and the music and sound effects enhance the overall playing experience, even if it can get a little repetitive at times.

Overall, this is a highly entertaining slot, so why not try it out at one of our recommended casinos.

Sugar Pop Slot Mobile


Sugar Pop video slot is possibly the sweetest game available on the market thanks to BetSoft’s clever thinking and mastery. The provider has created a game that’s impossible not to love for so many reasons; it’s rewarding, it’s exciting and, most importantly, innovative as hell.

Sugar Pop Video Slot Supports Various Platforms

Those that prefer playing on the move can enjoy this game on smartphones and tablets since the pick supports various platforms. This 5×5 video slot offers coin size between 0.02 and 0.50 as well as bet amounts ranging from 50 to 250 coins.

It boasts with cheerful design and themed symbols; players, especially those with a sweet tooth, should be prepared for lots of candies. Candy canes, caramel chews, lollipops and tens of other candies come with unique features whose main objective is to earn players massive payouts.

The game doesn’t feature standard slot pay line; instead, there are several structures such as three horizontally adjacent symbols or three vertically adjacent symbols that are considered winning combinations.

Sugar Pop Slot level 1 win

Sugar Pop Is as Special as It Gets

Sugar Pop slot is special in so many different ways. The game has many intriguing features. For example, the symbols fall rather than spin; moreover, when part of a winning combination they explore and make space for new symbols to fall into their place. Often, these new symbols create additional wins, that result with juicy prizes for players.

Additionally, every win fills up the container on the right and levels players up as soon as the container is full. New levels introduce special candies, each more rewarding than the previous one.

Everyone Loves Sugar Pop Slot

Sugar Pop slot is a game everyone’s in love with. This perfect example of what BetSoft is capable of is a game that has it all; players can enjoy impressive graphics, cheerful sound effects and incredibly rewarding features. Therefore, as long as you can resist all those delicious candies on the screen, you’re good to go.

Sugar Pop Slot win

After Night Falls Slot


One of the first BetSoft hits on the market was After Night Falls, a beautifully designed 3D video slot with awesome features and an entertaining theme. Players are taken to an adventure of a lifetime as they try to catch the burglar who’s breaking into people’s homes.

Experience Visual Perfection on After Night Falls

This 3D slot features 5 reels and 30 paylines whose number can be changed. Nevertheless, it’s main strength is the visual perfection it provides to players. Namely, the 3D graphics and realistic animations make players part of the action on the screen, while the sound effects further spice up the overall experience.

Moreover, all the symbols are nicely designed and come to life when part of a winning combination. Players shall enjoy burglars, detectives, grumpy grannies etc. The best-paying symbol, nonetheless, is the curious detective and five such symbols grant 1250 credits.

The coin size on the game goes between 0.02 to 0.50, while players can bet from 1 to 5 coins per line. Thus, the maximum bet accepted on the slot is reasonable 150 coins.

After Night Falls Slot win

After Night Falls Players Get Free Spins and Bonus Games

Eye candy is not everything players of After Night Falls get; namely, the game is equipped with a free spin special feature as well as a pick-and-win bonus games and moving wilds. The scatter criminal record grants 10, 15 or 25 free spins.

Moreover, three or more Granny symbols trigger an additional second-screen bonus game that involves inspecting clues and winning juicy prizes. Players can win up to 155000 on this impressive game.

After Nights Falls 3D Slot is a True Gem

It goes without saying that After Night Falls by BetSoft is a true gem; this impressive 3D slot, besides its visual value, is great thanks to the rewarding features and the entertaining theme. It allows players to get involved into the storyline and enjoy the slot outside the standard expectations of spinning reels and winning prizes.

After Night Falls Slot

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