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Biggest Bingo Halls

Here are some of the biggest bingo halls that you can find in the world where you can play bingo live:

1.    Station Casinos- This is located in Las Vegas and offers 8 rooms dedicated for bingo lovers only. Bingo is played here daily.
2.    Foxwoods- This bingo hall in New England can accommodate up to 3600 bingo players. Comfort and style is assured in this luxurious bingo hall.
3.    Muckleshoot Bingo- This one is located in Auburn, WA. They offer different styles of bingo gaming: the traditional bingo on paper, e-bingo gaming, as well as online bingo gaming. This bingo hall is open daily.

Just remember these few tips and tricks when playing on these bingo halls:

·    Do not play too many cards at the same time.
·    Play more often.
·    Don’t spend all your money in just one game.
·    Know the bingo hall rules.
·    Familiarize yourself with the bingo patterns of the day. This may change on a daily basis.

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