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Money Bingo is Great, But What About Other Prizes?

Money bingo is great, there is absolutely no doubt about this, but when you play money bingo, you can also play bingo for prizes. These are often as an aside to the games as a tournament, prize draw or competition, but you will also find tangible prizes, in place of money bingo prizes.

I have seen tons of stuff given away, like at Sun Bingo for example, in prize draws once they gave away 100 cars in 100 days. This was just in 2009 when the site was celebrating having given away £100 million worth of money bingo. Then in 2010 they did it again when they gave away 30 brand new cars in 30 days. Besides money bingo and sites like the Sun, we also see holidays, cruises, TV’s, spa/theatre breaks, kitchen appliances, DVD players, DVD’s, shopping vouchers, and so much more – all being given away.

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