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Proprietary Powered Bingo Sites

Proprietary bingo software is a software owned by an individual bingo site or an individual company. Usually, it is the gaming platform that was developed by the bingo site itself. This type of software is copyrighted and its use is limited to end-users, partners, and organizations under conditions that were predefined by the owner.
Below is our accredited bingo sites powered by Proprietary software. Each have an exclusive no deposit bonus for IBS visitors.

Deposit Bonuses

Free Bonus 75 Ball 90 Ball USA / No USA Review
cyberbingo Cyber
$50 75 Ball 90 ball usa welcome Play Now!
Bingospirit BingoSpirit
$50 75 Ball 90 ball usa welcome Play Now!
BingoFest BingoFest
$50 75 Ball 90 Ball usa welcome Play Now!
Downtown Bingo Downtown
$50 75 Ball 90 ball usa welcome Play Now!

Proprietary software is also known as the closed-source software. It is normally designed by a hired team that signs a non-disclosure agreement or in-house programmers, developers and designers.
In essence, the only ones that have access to the software are its owners. This is actually a positive aspect of this type of software as they can quickly and with ease revise or fix things that do not function or do not work well on their site.
Although game outcomes are determined with an RNG, the owner can modify and customize the games and the site. In short, all of the complaints or issues that may appear within a Proprietary powered bingo site can be solved quickly by the in-house developer instead of by third-parties. This is a plus for players as well, as their complaints or uncertainties can be directly resolved with the aid of the software’s manager.

Game Variety

Another great thing about proprietary software is that the game variety is always unique, innovative and refreshing. The software provider has the freedom of developing the most original bingo games, different variants or sequel games of the same game etc. Usually, the software providers focus on a specific type of games, however, there are those that provide players with a diverse game selection.
The game variety comes with special in-play features, outstanding graphics elements, and mind-blowing designs. These features set the proprietary software apart from other average software providers and make the games even more appealing to players.

Proprietary Bonuses and Promotions

In addition, proprietary software sites have control over the bonus and promotional offers. In order to be one step ahead from the rest of the operators and stand out of the crowd, they create the most lucrative promotions and they can even test clients’ interest and change the offers whenever they want and in whichever way suits them.
This smaller player traffic volume allows them to design offers that will be benevolent for their players and beneficial for them as well. The software suppliers offer a full range of bonuses that are found in standard bingo sites, but these offers are custom-made for their target players and suit both parties’ needs and interests.
Proprietary Software Bonuses


Thanks to continuous advancements in technology, mobile gaming is becoming more popular each day. Proprietary software providers make sure they are on track of the improvements in smart technology and that is why they develop mobile-optimized games.
In fact, developing games that will fit the smaller screens perfectly, with the same functionality, great graphics, and visual effects have been of main interest to proprietary software providers these past few years. That is why some of them have already released games that work smoothly on mobile devices. The convenience of mobile play is irreplaceable and providing players with the whole package is of paramount importance to them.
Proprietary Software Slots

Proprietary Bingo Sites

Having in mind all of the positive aspects mentioned above, their distinctions result in an ultimate and extremely unique bingo experience. Proprietary bingo software developers aim in providing bingo players with more immersive bingo, where players can interact and enjoy new in-game features, bingo rooms, and bingo games variety. Add to this the specifically tailored promotions and bonuses, and imagine the exclusive bingo experience.
There are several proprietary bingo software providers that have succeeded in providing players with a once-in-a-lifetime bingo experience. The popular bingo sites that run on their own proprietary software:
• CyberBingo

• BingoSpirit

• BingoFest
Although the game selection at these bingo sites may be smaller, the overall bingo experience quality players get is like no other.

Parlay Entertainment Powered Bingo Sites

Parlay Entertainment software
Parlay Entertainment was founded way back in 1998, before the majority of their competitors. They are based out of Canada and have become one of the major players in the online bingo industry.
It was best known for it’s simple but clear software and in recent years has increased its range of games and software to include numerous casino games.

Deposit Bonuses

Free Bonus 75 Ball 90 Ball USA / No USA Review
Bingo Billy Bingo Billy
$60 75 Ball 90 Ball usa welcome Play Now!
USA bingo Amigo
$60 75 Ball Bingo 90 Ball bingo usa welcome Play Now!
Bingo Australia B. Australia
$60 75 Ball 90 Ball usa welcome Play Now!
Bingo Hall BingoHall
$72 75 Ball 90 Ball Play Now!
Vic's bingo Vic’s
$75 75 Ball 90 Ball Play Now!
Bingo Canada BingoCanada
$75 75 Ball 90 Ball Play Now!
southbeach bingo Southbeach
$70 75 Ball 90 Ball Play Now!
Bingo For Money Bingo4Money
$70 75 Ball 90 Ball Play Now!
Instant Bingo Instant
$75 75 Ball 90 Ball Play Now!


Parlay Entertainment Game Variety

In their formative years, Parlay concentrated mainly on their bingo software which as a result became one of the most impressive and sought after within the industry. They were one of a handful of companies that made the online bingo scene what it is today.
They still have one of the most impressive networks of sites and players, and were at the forefront of changes in the late 2000’s, introducing fully customizable 75, 80 and 90 number formats.
They have more recently put together a full suite of their own casino games including Serpent’s Riches, Fairground Frenzy and Pirate’s Treasure as well as standard table games such as Blackjack and Roulette.

Bingo Software

Parlay Entertainment was one of the first providers to really utilize the power of the chat function. They built theirs direct into the main software adding an extra pop up allowing players to opt out if they wished. Even now, the chat moderators are some of the friendliest and liveliest within the industry giving more chat games than ever before thus allowing players to win prizes regularly.
There is a large range of games available to suit all tastes such as the standard 90-ball and 75-ball bingo, 5×5 bingo that is popular in America plus a 3×9 option too which tends to get more European players. They are still regularly adding new features and add-ons, so it is worth checking back with their operators regularly to see what is new.

Slots and Table Games

To keep their players happy and diversify during the late 2000’s, Parlay Entertainment started looking at their own suite of games as opposed to simply licensing them from a 3rd-party.
They have built up an impressive portfolio of games since then including a range of video poker games, numerous bright and colorful slots, both single zero and double zero roulette along with a few variants of roulette such as Golden Clover and Lucky Star which contain different shaped wheels and winning numbers/symbols. They also have Double Barrel roulette which contains 2 balls as opposed to the standard 1.
Although Parlay Entertainment markets itself predominantly as a bingo software company, there is plenty more to them than just bingo.
Parlay Entertainment Games

Parlay Entertainment Devices

Another huge plus when it comes to Parlay Entertainment is the large number of compatible devices they have. Whatever phone and model you have, there is likely to be an App for you to use, and if not their software is optimized for use on all handsets/tablets/desktop.
Devices Parlay Entertainment

Social Gaming

The software developer Parlay Entertainment spend a lot of time and money on the social aspect of gaming. They ensure there are free to play Facebook sites and mobile apps which offer free play to players who win coins and virtual currency. This is done in several ways including giving more coins to a player that claims Bingo than those who call later in the game, these coins can then be exchanged for items such as power-ups and collectibles.
They also have a deal with giving players the chance to win music related prizes and virtual items.


There are many household brands which use Parlay Entertainment for their bingo product including Paddy Power, Unibet, Intertain, Mr Green, Playware, Mobby Slots, and Game Miles.
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