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The Chat Etiquette of Online Bingo

Online bingo is one of the most sociable games available on the internet today. You become part of a friendly community, a community of bingo players, and you get the chance to chat with the host and other players. The chat rooms are included for your convenience, to provide you with an experience as closest to the one in real land-based bingo halls as possible.

But, since all of this is at stakes, you need to behave properly when playing online bingo and communicating with others in the chat rooms, just like you would in a bingo hall. There is a set of social rules that you must abide by in order to make both yours and the experience of others involved enjoyable and problem-free. In this article, we will help you understand the bingo etiquette and we’ll guide you through the rules one by one so that nothing is unclear to you.

Bingo Etiquette – What to Know About It?

Following the right bingo etiquette will not only help you get a more enjoyable bingo experience but will also help you avoid getting banned from the chat room or the bingo site altogether. You may believe that behaving properly is not a big deal, but actually, it is. Unwanted behavior is punishable, and that’s why for your own good and the good of other players, make sure you abide by the following rules.

• Welcome new players – As introduced, by playing online bingo, you’re entering a community. So when new players join the chat room, make sure they feel welcome, and they feel at home. Be nice to these players, and make them feel more comfortable around you, and not intimidated by you. They’ll greatly appreciate your efforts, and who knows? Maybe they’ll become your new lifelong bingo buddies.

• Be nice in general – You should not only be nice to new players but to everyone else in the chat room, especially the host. Being nice is a value that shows that you have good intentions, that all you’re here to do is to have fun and enjoy your favorite game. Have respect for the hosts, as their job is to ensure everyone is having a blast and the game has a seamless flow. Do not interrupt the hosts and be polite whenever you need to speak with them. Never use sexist or racist comments, as they would immediately get you banned from the site.

• Respect other players’ privacy – Anonymity is a known benefit you get when you choose to play online bingo. Therefore, do not ask other players for any personal information if they’re not willing to share it. Do not pressure anyone and do not offer your own real name or email address if not asked for. Privacy is of the utmost importance when in a chat room, remember that.

• Do not use usernames that could in any way be inappropriate – A username that could seem fun or special to you may seem offensive to other players. Players from all kinds of different cultures, countries and religions are visiting chat rooms, and what’s considered a joke or a fun thing to say in one could be highly inappropriate in another culture, country, or religion. Keep that in mind.

• Never use capital letters to communicate in the chat room – First of all, when you’re using capital letters on the internet, it feels like you’re shouting, you’re being upset with something and you’re being rude. Secondly, usually, the host uses capital letters to address players and emphasize the fact that he or she is typing. Do not let others be confused with your writing, and use capital letters only if asked for by the host as part of the game.

• Do not bother players with unnecessary comments – Rude comments, asking for loans, bonuses or gifts is a big no-no when it comes to bingo chat rooms. You should not annoy other players when you’re out of money and you wish to continue playing. In this case, you better leave the room with dignity than put yourself at risk of getting expelled from the chat room or the site, for good.

What Happens When These Rules Are Broken?

If you’re the one that has broken the rules, two things can happen. If you did it unintentionally, you offended someone, or forgot to disable the caps lock, it would suffice to apologize for your action publicly, in the chat room. But, if you did it intentionally and the breach was pretty serious, if you used a racist comment or a swear word, you could be banned from the chat by the chat moderators, or even from the bingo site itself.

If someone else was being disrespectful of the rules, avoid taking it up with them directly. First, try reporting the issue to the chat moderator, and if the issue is left unresolved, contact the Customer Support service. Whichever the case, you would gracefully behave and leave it up to the authorized people to resolve the issue.

Remember, the whole online bingo experience depends on the bingo etiquette. The etiquette is there to help you have a fun and enjoyable time, so whenever there’s a breach, you better report it and continue playing with your bingo buddies in peace.

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