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The Guaranteed Bingo Jackpot 

The guaranteed bingo jackpot is one of the best games you can play – why? Because the prize advertised is the prize that is won. There are guaranteed bingo jackpots offered at all the good sites and when you see these games are playing, you need to buy tickets. One of the best sites for guaranteed bingo jackpot cash prizes is Foxy Bingo, they host at least one big prize game a day in the thousands of pounds.

On a Friday there is a guaranteed game for £10 000 on offer and on the last day of the month, very often they will host two of these games. One for 1p bingo tickets and another for £1 bingo tickets! Guaranteed bingo jackpots also offer other prizes, such as vouchers for shopping sprees, tangible gifts, holidays, cruises, cars and the like. The clue lies in the word “guaranteed” where the prize advertised, is the prize won.

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