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Regardless of what year it is, there is always more bingo sites to be discovered. There is a variety of ways to benefit from these new sites; take advantage of bonuses, and deposits but you can also benefit from the jackpots and the prizes won.
Some of the newest bingo sites include:

· Red Bus bingo
· Tea Time Bingo
· Landmark Bingo
· Ready Set Bingo
· Bingo Hollywood

When you register at Bingo Hollywood for the first time, you will receive a 300% bonus when you deposit your money for the first time. If you don’t make a deposit, then don’t expect a free bonus.

Tasty Bingo is another site that is going to be the talk of the bingo world for a long time to come. That is because Tasty Bingo is offering a big bonus for anyone who registers with Tasty Bingo as a new player. If you make a deposit, they will reward you with cash.

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