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Top Russia Bingo Rooms

Play at accredited online bingo sites in Russia. We focus on catering to bingo players of Russia who are looking to play at reputable bingo sites that accept RUB currency. You can expect high payout percentages and prompt withdrawals for each of these online bingo rooms.

Bingo RoomDeposit BonusesSign Up BonusPlay
Australian Bingo Sites Bingo Billy
Deposit $20 Play With $120
Bingo Cabin Bingo CabinSpend $10 Play With $40$0.00

*Terms & Conditions and wagering requirements apply on bonuses. Must be 18+ to play.

The regulation of online gambling in the Russian Federation is more or less typical compared to most European countries, and this includes online bingo. A very limited set of companies are allowed to run certain games, and for Russian online bingo, the main company is a website called Bingo Boom. This is played both online and through satellite television, though their television channel is called Bingo TV. They boast thousands of players daily, though some players prefer to play elsewhere.

Playing Russian Online Bingo

A lot of different types of gambling in the country have been completely blocked, and this includes a ban on Internet Service Providers that stated they absolutely must block all foreign bingo sites. This ban has been in action since 2012, but it hasn’t always been the most effective. Most players still access foreign sites with limited success. Most players use Bingo Boom and/or Bingo TV, and here’s a quick breakdown of what these options offer:

  • • There is a simple selection of basic promotions that give players some extra value.

  • • 90-ball bingo is the only game available, so if you really want 75-ball bingo or other games, you’re out of luck.

  • • The Bingo TV satellite television option is a fun and atypical way to enjoy bingo in a way that is standardized and operated with consistency.

  • • The company itself has a tremendous reputation for paying out to players without delays or other types of issues.

While Bingo Boom and Bingo TV have their advantages, there are some disadvantages to this operation, particularly their limited promotions and game selection. This is why some players turn to foreign options.

The Ban on Foreign Bingo Rooms

Gambling in Russia is generally centered around four “zones” that have been designated to be able to allow these games in the land-based sense. Almost all forms of gambling are banned online, and something that makes them stand out is that they are very active when it comes to enforcing this ban and keeping their blacklist up to date. Bingo is actually the one form of gambling, other than the lottery, that is able to operate outside of these zones and the online ban, and a part of that is its popularity in the country.

The 90-ball games are the most popular Russian online bingo games by far and that’s why it’s all that is offered at Bingo Boom and on Bingo TV. The widespread popularity of this one type of bingo is one of the biggest reasons why it’s available as much as it is. Even though there is a ban against playing with foreign sites, there is much more available for it than other types of gambling (other than the state-operated lotteries).

There’s not much indication that things are going to open up more for players to be able to access foreign bingo sites, but some players are still able to connect to get access to other types of bingo and better promotions.

Online Bingo Rooms Poland

Top Poland Bingo Rooms

Here are our top Poland online bingo sites and reviews. They all have solid reputations and allow you to deposit in Polish Zlotyn (PLN). Our Polish bingo rooms are accredited here on IBS and are completely trustworthy.

Bingo RoomDeposit BonusesSign Up BonusPlay
Bingo BillyBingo BillyDeposit $20 Play With $120$60.00
Amigo bingoAmigo Bingo
Deposit $20 Play With $140$50 + 50 Spins
Jet BingoJet BingoSpend $20 Play With $40$0.00
Cash Cabin Cash Cabin
Spend $20 Play With $40$0.00
 BingoSpirit BingoSpirit
Deposit $25 Play With $150$20 + 50 Spins
  Bingo AustraliaBingo Australia
Deposit $20 Play With $140$50 + 50 Spins

Terms & Conditions and wagering requirements apply on bonuses. Must be 18+ to play.

The currency in Poland is the Zloty and this is translated in English to mean “golden”. They are located on the Northern coast of the Baltic Sea in Eastern Europe.

The selection of bingo sites in Poland is geared largely towards foreign sites because of the nature of the regulation of the industry there.

The popularity of bingo as a whole in Poland is not particularly overwhelming. Like many Eastern European countries, bingo is one of the least popular forms of gambling. However, because there aren’t any land-based opportunities to play, the limited number of fans of the game are only given online rooms to scratch their bingo itch. This puts enough of them into the market for there to be a demand for operators to cater to.

Regulation of Polish Online Bingo

Online gambling regulation as a whole is a little atypical in Poland, and the opportunities for online bingo are affected by this. They are a really good example of why a lack of competition and an emphasis on prohibition will always hurt government revenues in the long run, and here are a few reasons why that is the case in this particular country.

  1. Totalizator Sportowy is the state monopoly on all regulated online gambling inside of Poland.

  3. They’ve focused exclusively on sports, but there has been a big push to get poker and casino play under their umbrella as well, possibly as early as 2017.

  5. They do not have plans of any kind to offer online bingo games, but players do have the option to play with foreign sites.

  7. As a result of these regulations, less than 10 percent of online gambling in the country takes place through their government-backed web portal.


From this information, you can see that there is no real regulation of online bingo in Poland, and this leaves foreign sites as the only option (and the option that more than 90 percent of players take).

Online Bingo for Polish Players

With this landscape for online bingo play, Polish players have to make a decision about which foreign sites to play with. The first things to look for in a top Polish online bingo room is where they are licensed and what their reputation is like. This is particularly true for cash outs and being fair with players. For an example of how important this is, if you aren’t going to be able to cash out your winnings because of shady business practices, then you’ll be better off saving your time and money.

Once you’ve established that the room itself is trustworthy, then you can look at which online bingo promotions for Polish players they have available. This is especially true with regards to deposit bonuses, buy one-get one card specials and other deals. The availability of some of the best bingo sites in Poland are plentiful, thanks to the many foreign sites. They will have plenty of promotions and bonus opportunities for you because they have to compete with other entities on the international stage. This can include free bingo sites that offer real cash prizes. This benefits you as the player to a great degree since it creates an upward pressure to give players more and more and to provide the best bingo experience possible.

Switzerland’s Top Online Bingo Sites

Top Switzerland Bingo Rooms

Here are our accredited online bingo sites that accept players from Switzerland. You will find honest reviews for our Swiss players, that offer both editor and player ratings. These bingo sites in Switzerland are safe to play, allow you to deposit in Swiss franc and have the best bonuses and promotions.

Bingo RoomDeposit BonusesSign Up BonusPlay
bingo bonusesCyberBingo
Deposit $25 Play With $150$20 + 60 Spins
Australian Bingo Sites Bingo Billy
Deposit $20 Play With $120$60.00
Canadian Dollar BingoCanadian Dollar BingoDeposit $20 Play With $140$50 + 50 Spins
Jet BingoJet BingoSpend $20 Play With $40$0.00
Swanky bingoSwanky Bingo
Deposit £10 Play With £40$0.00
Terms & Conditions and wagering requirements apply on bonuses. Must be 18+ to play.

Online bingo sites in Switzerland are wide open after a ban was lifted and the country looks towards regulating the industry.

For a very long time, virtually all forms of online gambling were banned in Switzerland, including bingo. While there wasn’t much in the way of enforcement, and while players could easily connect and play with foreign sites, the new approach is much better for everyone. Starting in 2019, there will be a regulatory body that licenses sites inside and outside of the country with players able to choose to play anywhere they like. Until then, there are no restrictions whatsoever, meaning that online bingo in Switzerland is alive, healthy and well.

The History of Bingo in Switzerland

There are a few key historical points that matter when it comes to Swiss online bingo, and these are the highlights:

  • All forms of gambling, online or otherwise, were illegal before the early 1990s.

  • Once gambling was made legal, the laws created a situation where bingo would only be allowed to be played in land-based establishments, which was extremely inconvenient for the vast majority of players.

  • Since the demand for bingo wasn’t being met by the land-based sector, there was a ton of players who opted for online games instead.

  • Online bingo in Switzerland exploded as a result, even though it was technically illegal to play for several years.

Switzerland online bingo thrived, even when it was against the law to play because there was simply no enforcement of the laws in place. Players could only go with sites that were in foreign countries since there were no Swiss-operated options, but that was fine for most players since it was easy to get in on the action with very reputable options.

The Future of Swiss Online Bingo

Until the legislation goes into effect on January 1, 2019, players are free to play anywhere they want without any threat of being charged with anything or having their winnings confiscated. After that point, players will need to stick with sites that have a license to operate in the country. It’s looking like there will be plenty of options because they have adopted what most industry experts consider to be the most optimal form of regulation available: Players can play anywhere they want that is licensed in Switzerland no matter if the company is based there or in another country.

This means there are about to be a whole new set of Switzerland bingo sites that are legally available to players and completely and totally licensed and regulated. This helps the players tremendously because they no longer have to worry about playing with bingo rooms that haven’t been vetted. If they do end up having trouble getting a cash out they are owed or something along those lines, they will have legal recourse through the regulatory system. On top of all of that, winnings are not going to be taxed for online bingo, and that means you get to keep more of what you win.

Top Online Bingo Rooms Sweden

Top Sweden Bingo Rooms

Top 10 online bingo sites in Sweden that accept Swedish players. These Swedish bingo sites are accredited here on IBS and their reputations are solid. They accept Swedish Krona currency and are safe bingo sites to play at with high payout percentages.

Bingo RoomDeposit BonusesSign Up BonusPlay
bingo bonusesCyberBingo
Deposit $25 Play With $150$20 + 60 Spins
Amigo bingo
Amigo Bingo
Deposit $20 Play With $140
$50 + 50 Spins
  Online Bingo Australia
Bingo Australia
Deposit $20 Play With $140
$50 + 50 Spins
Deposit $25 Play With $150
$20 + 50 Spins
Terms & Conditions and wagering requirements apply on bonuses. Must be 18+ to play.

Two companies control most of the Swedish online bingo action, but some players get in on the action with bingo rooms from outside of Sweden.

Bingo is exceptionally popular in Sweden as a whole, and there are plenty of options to play in the land-based sector with well over 100 bingo rooms in the country. For the online side of things, it mostly comes down to two companies. The first is BingoLotto, a charity lottery that has bingo elements, and Svenska Spel, the state-operated online gambling monopoly. Between these two companies, the majority of online bingo play is held, and that’s largely due to a ban against play with other sites from outside of the country.


State-Owned Online Bingo Monopoly


Sweden’s approach to online gambling regulation centers around having a state-run site that is the only regulated option available to players for various types of gambling. Bingo is an exception to this because of BingoLotto, which some estimates say have up to 40 percent market share for all Swedish bingo, including their weekly television show. This translates directly over to the online element, which is shaped by the following:


  • Players are not supposed to play with international bingo sites.

  • The two options listed above are the only ones that are supposed to accept play in the country.

  • Some players ignore this ban, and it’s not enforced well enough to stop most players who decide to play with foreign sites.

  • These Swedish bingo fans play with international options to get a different game selection and more competitive promotions.


It’s this last point that is the most important for players who are looking to get the best value. The monopoly on regulated Swedish online bingo creates a situation where there is no real competition, so the rooms themselves don’t care very much about trying to give players better deals.


When Online Bingo in Sweden Goes International


While BingoLotto and Svenska Spel get a lot of players, there are plenty who decide to play with other sites that operate outside of the country. As we mentioned above, wanting access to more varieties of bingo and wanting to get better promotions and payouts are the main reasons for this.


When it comes to finding a site to play with outside of the state-run monopoly, the first thing you should look for is licensing and reputation. A good reputation and a license from a solid jurisdiction will both go a long way towards giving players the peace of mind they deserve to have when it comes to trusting their money with a bingo room.


From there, Swedish online bingo players can look at game selection, BingoLotto doesn’t even offer standard 75-ball or 90-ball games, preferring their own proprietary game instead. These are the two most popular types of bingo in the world, though some players might really prefer the atypical 80-ball style or the quick 30-ball “speed bingo” games. Along with this come better options for bonuses, free cards and free chips in addition to other types of promotions that give players a better value than they can find under Sweden’s online bingo monopoly.

Top 10 Online Bingo Sites in Mexico

Top Mexico Bingo Rooms

Here you will find the best mexican online bingo sites that offer exclusive bonus offers and allow you to deposit in Mexican Peso. These online bingo sites in México are accredited here on IBS and have a solid reputation in this industry.

Bingo RoomDeposit BonusesSign Up BonusPlay
BingoSpiritBingoSpiritDeposit $25 Play With $125$20 + 50 Spins
bingo bonusesCyberBingo
Deposit $25 Play with $150$20 + 60 Spins
Bingo Cabin Cash CabinDeposit $10 Play With $ 40$0.00
BingoFestBingoFestDeposit $25 Play With $125$20 + 40 Spins
Bounce BingoBounce BingoDeposit £10 to Get 105 Tickets + 10 spins $0.00
Hunky websiteHunky BingoDeposit £10 Get 200 Tickets + 20 Spins $0.00

*T&C’s Apply.18+

While there is no regulated online gambling in Mexico, there are plenty of top bingo sites for Mexican players to choose from.

México seems like they are a bit late to the party when it comes to regulation in the online gambling world, but to their credit, they have a number of other issues on their plate that are probably more important. Because of this, the best Mexican bingo sites are going to be operated from outside of the country, and that’s fine because there are plenty of solid options to choose from. Bingo is extremely popular in Mexico as a whole, and there is a serious online following along those lines.

The Best Mexican Bingo Sites

When players choose where to play online bingo in Mexico, they should follow certain criteria. The following are some good things to look for when making this decision:

  • The official language of Mexico is Spanish, so making sure that the site offers their services in Spanish is pretty important.

  • Bingo sites that have licenses in reputable jurisdictions are a priority, and without this, you should seriously consider looking elsewhere.

  • Some bingo sites in Mexico only offer 75-ball and 90-ball bingo, so check to see that they have the games that you want to play before depositing.

  • Land-based bingo rooms in this country almost always have slots as a side option, so websites with these alternatives will tend to be preferred.

There are other criteria that we could bring up, but if you follow these four points, it’s very unlikely that you’ll make a bad decision about where to play.

Social Atmosphere of Mexico’s Online Bingo Rooms

One of the biggest things that Mexican players look forward to when they go to play in a brick and mortar bingo hall is the social atmosphere. They love meeting up with people to enjoy the game together, and this social aspect of the situation is the main reason a lot of them keep coming back over time and enjoy playing so much. To this end, the best online bingo halls in Mexico will be those that offer players a chance to make friends through chat functions and other social networking options.

You’ll have no problem finding rooms that allow chatting in Spanish and/or English, the two most popular languages in México. The friendly chat moderators will help you to get started, no matter if you just want to chat it up with the general lobby crowd or if you only want to speak to those who are in on the action with the same game as you.

What’s more is that these moderators will help to keep the chat clean and spam-friend. They make it a very friendly and fun place to meet new people and enjoy bingo together as a group, and there are plenty of tools available to keep spammer and other rude or vulgar people out of the fold. This helps to give Mexican online bingo players a great overall social atmosphere that rivals that of the land-based halls.

Top Online Bingo Rooms Norway

Top Norway Bingo Rooms

Here is our accredited top online bingo sites for Norwegian players. Promotions and exclusive offers for bingo sites accepting players from Norway. They accept Norwegian Krone, are safe to play at and have a welcoming community.

Bingo RoomDeposit BonusesSign Up BonusPlay
Amigo bingoAmigo Bingo
Deposit $20 Play With $140$50 + 50 Spins
Deposit $25 Play With $150$20 + 50 Spins
Bingo Cabin Cash CabinSpend $10 Play With $40Nil
bingo bonusesCyberBingo
Deposit $25 Play With $150$20 + 60 Spins
Hunky websiteHunky Bingo200 Tickets + 20 SpinsNil
Bingo CafeBingo Cafe
100% Up To $100.00Nil
Tickety BingoTickety Bingo
£10+20 SpinsNil
Bingo LinerBingo Liner
100% up to $100Nil

T&C’s Apply.18+

Norway has a very limited selection of regulated online bingo opportunities, but players can still enjoy play with foreign sites on a limited basis.

The situation for online bingo in Norway is a bit tricky. Bingo has been very popular in the country for several decades, and there are plenty of land-based bingo halls available, especially in the larger cities like the capital of Oslo. However, even though it’s pretty popular in the brick and mortar sector, this hasn’t quite translated over to the online environment because of the laws surrounding Internet gambling in the general sense in the country and the lack of competitive options.

Extra by Norsk Tipping

There are a few online gambling portals that are regulated by Norway’s government, and one of those is operated by Norsk Tipping. This site offers a game called Extra that plays similarly to bingo in some ways, but there are some key differences that make it not quite a true bingo experience:

  • Players choose their numbers for their own card, something that doesn’t happen in traditional bingo games.

  • You are fairly limited on the number of cards that you can play at a time, something that other online bingo rooms don’t really do.

  • The auto-play options are largely limited or completely vacant in terms of being functional, which kills the fun for a lot of players.

  • The payout rates for the games aren’t very attractive due to the lack of competition in the country.

While this particular game is a bingo-like alternative, the fact of the matter is that real fans of the genre will feel like the best Norwegian bingo sites are those operated from outside of the country. This presents its own host of problems.

Norwegian Online Bingo Regulation

Outside of the limited selection that comes along with the government-regulated online gambling portals, Norway has completely banned online gambling since back in 2008. Later in 2010, they also made it illegal for banks in the country to process payments to foreign online gambling sites, including online bingo rooms. With that having been said, this ban is extremely difficult to enforce, and players have no problems whatsoever with connecting to play with foreign online bingo sites.

The Best Online Bingo Sites for Norway

As is often the case with areas that decide to outright ban gambling on the Internet, the best Norwegian bingo sites are actually not located inside of the country, and they aren’t regulated by the state government. Because of this, players should take extra caution when choosing where to play. This means that they should stick with bingo rooms that are licensed to operate in jurisdictions that have a good history of making sure operators stick to their rules. They also need to have a history of swift punishment in the form of fines or pulling their actual license for violating their terms and conditions.

If players choose wisely, they can have an excellent online bingo experience from Norway by playing with bingo rooms they can trust.

Italy’s Top 10 Online Bingo Sites

Top Italy Bingo Rooms

Here are our accredited online bingo sites in Italy. Deposit in € and get an exclusive offer for our Italian players. Safe bingo sites with impeccable reputations. Below in this article, we get into the facts about online bingo in Italy as well as legislation for this country.

T&C’s Apply.18+

Bingo RoomDeposit BonusesSign Up BonusPlay
Amigo bingoAmigo Bingo
600% Bonus$50 + 50 Spins
bingo bonusesCyberBingo
500% Bonus$20 + 60 Spins
Online Bingo Italy Bingo Billy
500% Bonus$60
Canadian Dollar Bingo
Canadian Dollar Bingo
600% Bonus$50 + 50 Spins
500% Bonus$20 + 50 Spins
500% Bonus$20 + 40 Spins
  Online Bingo AustraliaBingo Australia
600% Bonus$50 + 50 Spins


Did Bingo First Start in Italy?

The history of bingo is said to originate in Italy back in the 1530s. The game was called Lo Giuoco del Lotto d’Italia and was extremely popular even back then. Queen Bingo Hall in Bologn is the current largest hall in Italy. It’s over 1,200 square meters, offers over 75 tables and over 300 players flock to this establishment. With the movement moving to online bingo, there are promotions and prizes galore and one wonders why players flock to play this game online.
Gambling has always been around in one form or another in Italy, but even though it’s been made legal since the early 2000s, the public as a whole tends to have a negative impression of it due to the connection they make with gambling to the mafia. Thankfully, online gambling doesn’t really have that connection since it’s strictly monitored and regulated by the government since first opening up on the first day of 2007. With that having been said, the regulatory structure as a whole needs a ton of changes if online bingo in Italy is ever going to really pick up in popularity.

Regulatory Problems With Online Bingo in Italy

There are a number of major problems with the way the regulatory body is structured for online bingo in Italy. The following are some of the highlights of these issues:

  1. All regulated bingo sites are essential “skins” of the central site operated by the government, so there really is only one fundamental licensed option.

  3. The lack of multiple licensing options means no competition, which means worse deals for players.

  5. Players can still get in on playing online bingo in Italy with foreign operators, which makes the licensing body borderline useless for bingo fans.

  7. This lack of flexibility for bingo operators in the country has led to an extremely low level of popularity for Internet bingo in Italy.

As you can see, there are big problems with how licensing is handled for online bingo in Italy in particular, and things aren’t going to improve until those factors are fixed.

Foreign Options for Internet Bingo in Italy

While the country has tried to run a blocklist similar to what many other countries have done, it’s been largely ineffective for online bingo games in Italy because it’s not updated often or monitored in any serious way. Along these lines, tons of players are enjoying their favorite types of online bingo from Italy with foreign sites that aren’t licensed in Italy. This is one of the best options for players who don’t like the narrow range of options that the white label, “skin” approach makes available to players. This is yet another aspect of the failing regulatory scheme that Italy has for Internet bingo, but it’s what players have to deal with at the moment.

Hope for the Future of Italian Online Bingo Rooms

Thankfully, there’s a lot of hope for the best Italy online bingo rooms and things are changing fast. The original regulations made in 2007 didn’t allow online slots, for example, but they changed this a few years later so that they were allowed. This shows that they have some degree of flexibility in their thinking. However, when they will decide to apply that to the online bingo sector is anyone’s guess. With that having been said, it’s clear that there is plenty to look forward to in the future for bingo players in this country.