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Understanding Online Bingo Wagering Requirements

Understanding Wagering requirements

Taking advantage of bingo deposit bonuses can boost your bankroll, but not understanding wagering requirements can lead to disaster.

Everywhere players look, there are bingo bonuses to take advantage of. These can include welcome bonuses, free bingo, reload bonuses, holiday bonuses and all kinds of other promotions. They give players the same problem: tons of fine print to comb over to understand the terms and conditions of each offer. The bottom line is that we can walk you through how most of these terms and conditions work with a simple explanation of wagering requirements, and how they apply to you. Others terms you may come across are bonus conditions and play through rates.

What playthrough means?

A playthrough is another name for a wagering requirement. It’s a minimum bet that is required and it’s attached to a bonus and nearly every online bingo site will require these. You will find the playthrough requirements in the fine print of the terms and conditions page and it’s recommended you know these before making a deposit.

The Basis of Online Bingo Wagering Requirements

Consider what would happen if online bingo sites allowed people to show up, claim a bonus and then cash out without actually playing any bingo. Pretty soon, the room would be losing so much money from the promotions that they wouldn’t be able to afford to offer them up at all. That’s exactly why there are play-through requirements in place to make sure that this scenario doesn’t happen. It is easy to see why they’re a necessity for players who want to get extra value added to their account balances through promotions. Bingo gambling for promotions is the smart way to play and hopefully win thru the bonus.

The bottom line is that a wagering requirement is how much you’ll need to play in real money bingo before you’re allowed to cash out.

Play Thru Requirements in Plain English

Wagering requirements are expressed as a multiple of your deposit, the bonus or the sum of both. For example, suppose we have a 20x wagering requirement in a situation where we make a $25 deposit and get a $35 bonus. There are three possible scenarios:

• If the requirement is on the bonus only, you’ll need to wager $35 * 20 for a total of $700.

• If the requirement is just on the deposit, then it’s $25 * 20 for a total of $500.

• The most common scenario is that it’s a requirement on both the deposit and the bonus, and that comes to $60 * 20, which is $1,200.


Keep in mind that these numbers are based on real money play and not wins or losses. You can definitely clear these play-through requirements while you’re winning at your bingo room of choice.

An Example Bonus Scenario

Let’s walk through a clear and straightforward bonus example so that you’ll see exactly how these principles work. Suppose that we make a deposit of $80 on a 125 percent match offer. This means we’ll receive a bonus worth 125 percent of $80, and that means the bonus has a value of $100.

Now let’s suppose that the offer has a wagering requirement of 12 times the sum of the bonus and the deposit. We add the bonus and deposit together to get a total of $180, and then we multiply that by 12 to get $2,160.

So as long as we wager a total of $2,160, we’ll be able to cash out. There are a lot of different ways to do this. Suppose we play games with $2 cards, and in each game, we average about ten cards. That’s a total of $20 of wagering per game. We’ll need a total of 108 games to clear the wagering requirement at this rate. That might sound like a lot, but someone who averages four games a day will clear this bonus in less than a month!

What does 10x wagering requirement mean?

In this example, we will use a 100% bingo bonus up to $20 with a wagering requirement of 10x. If you are given a $20 bonus you will need to deposit $200 before you are able to withdraw any winnings.

What does a 20x wagering requirement mean?

In this example, we will use a 100% casino bonus up to $50 with a wagering requirement of 20x. If you deposit $50 you will get a bonus of $50. This means you will need to wager $1000 ($50 x 20) before any winnings can be cashed out.

Is a wager a bet?

The word wager means to place a bet and it’s the amount of money being risked in a particular bet. The word wager can be used as either a verb or noun.