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Top USA Online Bingo Sites for Real Money

Top USA Bingo Rooms

Here is our top accredited USA bingo sites with the best bonus offers and promotions. These bingo sites are safe for American players and all have a solid reputation in this industry. You can deposit and play in USD and you are guaranteed fast payouts. We offer honest reviews for our US players.

Bingo RoomDeposit BonusesSign Up BonusPlay
bingo bonusesCyberBingo
Deposit $25 Play With $150$20 + 60 Spins
Bingo VillageBingo Village
Deposit $25 Play With $75$50 + 100 Spins
Australian Bingo Sites Bingo Billy
Deposit $20 Play With $120$60
  Online Bingo AustraliaBingo Australia
Deposit $20 Play With $140$50 + 50 Spins
Amigo bingoAmigo Bingo
Deposit $20 Play With $140$50 + 50 Spins
(Terms & Conditions and wagering requirements apply on bonuses. Must be 18+ to play.)

A lot of players have questions about USA bingo sites and how the United States gambling laws work. We break this down in this article.

Bingo for USA players

Players who want to get in on the action at USA bingo rooms often have to face a lot of hurdles to do so, but we’ll show you how to make it quick and easy. Here we are going to break everything down for you and show you all you need to know about American bingo sites and the easiest way to get in on the action.

75 Ball Bingo –  American Version of Bingo

75- Ball Bingo is the favorite form of bingo played in North America, it is what most players think of “traditional bingo”. This is the bingo game that is most widely played and has different versions in different bingo sites. The aim is to mark off a completed line diagonally, horizontally or vertically on the 5-column and 5-row bingo card. The bingo provider you are playing on will determine what the winning pattern for the current game is. Although 90 ball bingo is more popular in the UK and Australian bingo players, North America is embracing this version with open arms.

Best US Bingo Sites

These well-known sites are some of the websites which earlier used to admit players from European Countries only but now they are welcoming players from the United States also:

Cyber Bingo is one of the greatest online bingo sites because it has a long bingo history. In addition, you can play its fabulous bingo games on your smartphone and tablet, as well, as Cyber Bingo is compatible with Android, iOS, and Windows Phone devices. Moreover, there are some excellent side games that you could also try in-between bingo games.

BingoBilly is next on the top bingo sites list because it is a well-established name in the bingo world, and has recently gotten a new look. All USA bingo players, as well as most European bingo players, can enjoy BingoBilly’s games and bonuses, it is available to people from all over the world.

Bingo Fest is another great online bingo site. Launched in 2003, BingoFest has years of experience in the bingo industry and knows what bingo players enjoy. They constantly surprise players with new offers and promotions  that you should check out, as well as the variety of bingo and side games

Is Online Bingo Legal In The U.S.?

On a federal level, there are no USA gambling laws that make online bingo in America illegal. A common misconception is that the UIGEA made it illegal. In one of the first paragraphs, it explicitly states that it doesn’t affect the legality of any type of online gambling at all, and this includes US bingo. The other law that’s often referenced is the Wire Act, but a 2011 ruling confirmed what we’ve known for a long time: It only applies to sports betting.

What Qualities Do The Best Bingo Sites Have?

So the keys to being able to play now are finding a reputable site with quick payouts and finding the right banking methods that will let you make deposits and withdrawals without any problems. We can help you to find the right American bingo site for you that will accept US players with our reviews and other resources, but it really breaks down to a few main points

  1. Good promotions, bingo bonuses (deposit & sign up) and other special perks.

  3. The type of bingo that you prefer (75 balls bingo is the standard for US players).

  5. Other casino games like slots, table games and scratch cards that you might want to play.

  7. Solid customer service that’s friendly, helpful and responsive.

  9. A reliable history of paying out when they’re supposed to.

  11. Top of the line software.

  13. Multiple banking options.

  15. Friendly and fun chat host.

Aside from those points, the only thing you really have to worry about when you play online bingo in America is which payment option you’re going to use. We’re going to break down the top options for American players for you here as a quick and easy reference.

Payment Options for American Bingo Players

There are a few main types of banking options for best US bingo sites these days. The first is credit cards, and this is going to be a bit “hit and miss” for some people because different banks and different credit card companies block what they view to be online gambling transactions as a matter of policy. Nevertheless, many people have success playing bingo in the USA, with this option, and it’s the first thing that many players should try.

A similar option for USA bingo sites is pre-paid credit cards, and they tend to work with a higher success rate than regular credit cards. The key thing to watch for is getting a pre-paid card that is approved for international transactions. It’s recommended that you contact the support team of the site you’re wanting to deposit with to get their suggestions or instructions on which card to get. Additionally, make sure to keep the card in a safe place after depositing since withdrawals are frequently paid back to the same card.