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Video Poker Strategy

Learn the basics with our video poker strategy chart. When a player comes to understand the game of 5 card draw they should then understand the differences between playing live poker and Video Poker. As an example, in Video Poker the player should not concern him or herself with bluffing or keeping a “kicker” (keeping an extra card in order to disguise the player discarding cards is holding a pair). A 3 of a kind is the same in Video Poker regardless of its card ranking of a 2, 7, or even an Ace. Players receive the same payout for any pair regardless of suit or number.

It is good to have an understanding of the odds of receiving a particular hand from the original deal (drawing). This provides you with an understanding of what is attainable when discarding for the purposes of obtaining a particular hand.

Rankings of Hands

Original dealt Hand Odds of Receiving a Hand
Royal Flush 1 in 665,000
Straight Flush 1 in 73,000
Four of a kind 1 in 4200
Full House 1 in 700
Flush 1 in 500
Straight 1 in 250
Three of a kind 1 in 50
Two Pair 1 in 21
High Pair 1 in 8
Low Pair 1 in 3
No Pair 1 in 2

Frequency of Hands

Hand Payout Frequency
Royal Flush 4,000 1 in 40,390
Straight Flush 250 1 in 9,148
Four of a kind 125 1 in 423
Full House 45 1 in 86
Flush 30 1 in 90
Straight 20 1 in 89
Three of a kind 15 1 in 13
Two Pair 10 1 in 7
Jacks or Better 5 1 in 4

With the understanding of these odds you will have a more accurate decision of how to play the hand originally drawn by playing the odds.

Basic Strategy

Initial Hand Decision
4 of a kind draw none
4 card royal draw 1
Full House draw none
Flush draw none
3 of a kind draw 2
4 card straight flush draw 1
Straight draw none
2 Pair draw 1
Pair (Jacks or Better) draw 3
3 card royal draw 3
4 card flush draw 1
Low Pair draw 3
4 card straight draw 1
3 card straight flush draw 2
2 card royal(10, no ace draw 3
1 high card (J,Q,K,A) draw 4
Mixed low cards draw 5

Having knowledge of player odds relation to the payouts schedule is important, as it’s important that you understands how the machines payout schedule affects the odds of the game. This is important for succeeding at Video Poker. The schedule must consist of at least these minimum components.

(insert payout image created)

The 1st column for betting one unit should read:
a.) returns a players original bet for a pair of Jacks or better
b.) A payout of nine units if a full house is achieved & a six unit payout for a flush. This game is called Video Poker: Jacks or better – 9/6 with a higher payout than that of an 7/5 or 8/5.
c.) A non progressive machine that pays out at minimum of 4000 units for achieving a Royal Flush.

Listing the odds between the different machines relating to their payout schedules.

Odds of different machines

Machine Payout
10/7 (double bonus) 100.2%
9/7 100.7%
9/6 99.5%
8/5 97.3
7/5 96.3%
6/5 95.2%

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