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Video Poker Variations

poker handsBelow is a list of the different video poker variations on offer:

Jacks or Better: This title derives from the minimum win of a pair of jacks or better and played with a standard 52 card deck.

Jokers Wild: played with the standard 52 card deck with a Joker as the wild card. This can be used to make up a 5-of-a-kind and the usual 5 card draw. The Min. payout will normally start with 2 pair.

Deuces are Wild: With a 52 card deck whereby the 2s are wild cards, which make the minimum win required of a 3-of-a-kind.

King of Decks: Played with 5 Decks of 52 cards. Usually 5-King-of-Clubs will win the progressive jackpot.

Tips on Variations

-Always bet the max. coins as the royal flush when hit will payout extra. To obtain the maximum odds in the players favor the maximum coins must be played when the Royal Flush strikes.

-Be sure not to discard deuces in the deuces wild game

-Video Poker played with 2 or more decks will reduce player odds, therefore, avoid playing the King of the Decks game.

-The best Video Poker machines to play:
9/6 Jacks or better – 99.5% Payout
10/7 double bonus – 100.2% Payout
Full-pay Deuces Wild – 100.8% Payout

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