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How To Win A Bingo Progressive Jackpot

Progressive Bingo Jackpot

There are many bingo sites with progressive bingo jackpots on offer. But one can’t help but wonder what types of games offer progressive jackpots? Usually, when progressive jackpots are attached it’s to a slot game, and sometimes even Live Casino games. But are there really bingo games that offer them?

We know that fixed and guaranteed jackpot pots exist in bingo games. They usually offer a certain prize for those players that will get the full house. But how are progressive jackpots triggered? Stay with us, as we’ll guide you through the topic.

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What Are Progressive Bingo Jackpots?

Contrary to fixed and guaranteed bingo jackpots which come with a pre-set jackpot prize, the prize in progressive bingo jackpots continues increasing. The idea behind these jackpots is to attract as many players as possible. When you see a prize that keeps on growing as you’re playing the game, you’re immediately attracted to it, you want to win it.

The thing with progressives is that they are usually funded by the operators themselves, or the bingo network that offers the game. They can afford to put a significant amount of money in the pot, but the rest is all up to players.

With each ticket purchased, you contribute to the prize pool. The operator or bingo network takes a percentage of the ticket price and puts it in the pot. That’s why the more players are purchasing tickets and joining the game the more the pot increases. You will notice that when you joined a progressive bingo game, the jackpot started with, say £100, but in the end, it increased to £200. This means that many players have joined the game and purchased their tickets that day, and have contributed to the prize pool.

What Types of Progressive Bingo Jackpots Exist?

Now, we’ve explained that players and the tickets they buy contribute to the jackpot. But, are all progressive jackpots equal? Are they all connected to one game? Not really. In fact, there are three main categories of progressive jackpots you may come across:

Networked/Wide-Area Jackpots – These are the most attractive jackpots out there. As implied by their name, these are the jackpots that are linked across many sites, powered by the same bingo network. Since hundreds of players are participating in the contribution, the pot in these networked jackpots can increase to hundreds, thousands, or even then thousands of pounds!

Local Jackpots – These are smaller ones compared to the networked jackpots, and tied to several rooms or games at a particular site. The prize depends on the tickets sold across the games or rooms that are tied to the jackpot.

Standalone Jackpots – These are the jackpots that give the smallest prize, compared to the networked and local jackpots. That’s because they only stand for one game at one particular site. Therefore, the tickets sold on that game at that site are the only ones that contribute to its prize pool.

How to Win a Progressive Bingo Jackpot Prize?

If you’ve ever played slots, you know that to trigger the jackpot prize, you would have to either land a specific winning combo or trigger it at random. But how are progressive bingo jackpots awarded?

Well, similarly, you would need to complete a pattern within a fixed number of calls, or get a full house to win the jackpot prize. Since different types of bingo games exist, the 90-ball and 75-ball being the most popular ones, the rules in these games would differ.

In 90-ball progressive bingo jackpot games, for example, you would probably need to get the full house in, say, 35 to 40 calls. In comparison, in 75-ball games, you would probably need 30 to 35 calls to hit the jackpot prize.

Similar to slots, there is no one specific rule to follow. Each provider and operator may set their own criteria for you to win the jackpot. Therefore, before you join a progressive bingo game or room, make sure you get familiar with those criteria, to know whether you stand a chance to hit the much-wanted prize.

Lastly, you should know that you may not be able to keep the entire prize by yourself. If you’ve played community jackpot bingo, you will get only the percentage of the prize relative to the number of tickets you’ve bought. And, remember that once the jackpot is won, the prize will reset, meaning it will start reseeding to a pre-set amount, only to start increasing once again.

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